Weather Balloon

Fall 2016 // Teaching Assistant

This is the second of three community science projects, the first being SwarmBots, and the third being a Programmable Building Blocks.

In continued partnership with Fremont Academy for Engineering and Design, students from a Pomona College physics class (Experimental Atmospheric Physics) designed and launched a weather ballon with a high school Computer Science class. I designed and facilitated weekly lesson plans to teach electronics and how to use Arduino, leading to the final data collection payload consisting of an Arduino Uno + Data logger with temperature and pressure sensors designed by the students.  It also carried a GPS tracker and camera recording the balloon's flight.  The balloon was launched from Fremont Academy and landed in Joshua Tree National Park (see flight path below).  While there have been several efforts to recover the payload, it is yet to be found.

This reporter was able to capture a video of the launch!

The school gathered to watch the launch of our weather balloon:

A GPS track of our balloon’s flight path: