Spring 2016

This is the first of three community science projects, the second being a Weather Balloon, and the third being Programmable Building Blocks.

SwarmBots is the product of the Pomona College Physics Department's first partnership with Fremont Academy for Engineering and Design, a high school in Pomona, California.  College students worked with the Femineers, a group of high school women interested in STEM.  In four small groups, teams designed and built an autonomous vehicle that could play an adapted version of musical chairs:  while music is playing, the cars follow a circular track.  When the music stops, the cars turn into the circle to look for a 'chair', or in our case, a black mat.  Once it finds a chair, the car stops.  There are n cars and n-1 chairs, so the remaining car is eliminated.  This continues until one car wins.

Complete documentation can be found on Instructables. All work was collaborative, including the Instructables itself! 

This project was funded by the Pomona College Draper Center for Community Partnerships and led by Professor Janice Hudgings.